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Mark Willcox's artworks are deliciously expressionistic, focusing our attention on what we think we may, or may not, be able to see. Can we trust our eyes? Or are they playing tricks on us? Mark plays with visual language and spatial orientation bringing his experience of sight impairment and otherness into the mix. His work is current and inclusive and has a strong place in contemporary urban arts practice.

Julia Keenan, Arts Council England

Comments on Liverpool International Artists Exhibition

“Mark Willcox's work is extraordinary, disturbing and beautiful. Its quality is as much akin to painting as it is to photography and could be described as a fusion of Expressionism and Photo-Realism.  His work is fascinating on different levels: Firstly, in some works, you decipher amidst the chaos, images of people moving, hurrying; then secondly, confusion takes over and you enjoy the work in its abstraction; then thirdly, in other works, you enjoy the space of empty corporate architecture, where few people exist".

Terry Duffy, Curator, Liverpool International Artists Exhibition. 

Comments on Rush Hour Exhibition

"Vibrant and compelling works of art". Liz Bromley, Registrar, Goldsmith's College

For most of us the journey home is a chore.  For Mark Willcox, it's art.  This exhibition is a vivid, potent rendering of commuting and well worth a visit", Country & Town House magazine

"My hope was that these works would be on a large scale.  I was not disappointed - they have a grandeur and movement that I like very much"

"Beautiful. Every time I enter this building I am drawn to your work. I have to have another look"

"A latter-day Turner"

"Very inspiring. Your work is an influence"

"Very impressive and original. Congratulations"

"Challenging and Provocative"

"Simply excellent"

Comments on Kings X Fire Exhibition

"An impressive achievement"

"The smell of the smoke came back to me"

"Very moving and thought provoking"

"Very powerful"

"Dramatic use of colour and image"

"Fear can be beautiful"

Comments on Liverpool Urban Exhibition


"Cutting Edge"

"Fabulous and inspirational!"

Comments on Towards a New Alchemy Exhibition

"As good as you will find anywhere"


"Loved it - wonderful abstracts with colour and texture"

 "Stunning - almost out of this world"

"Just brilliant!"

"Diese Bilder gefallt mir - Ausgezeichnet!"


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